Board of Directors

The Board is elected by the membership and each director serves a term of 2 years.  There are no term limits.  There are a minimum of four Director roles as defined by the Spencer Pride Inc. by-laws, with no maximum.

Ex Officio Directors are in an advisory capacity only and do not have voting privileges on the Board.

Three of the Directors also serve as officers of the organization.  Officers include the president, secretary, and treasurer/financial officer.  Directors hold each officer position for the length of one year, ending on our Annual Meeting.  There are also no term limits for officers.

Board of Directors’ monthly meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM.  Members are able to participate in person at the Spencer Pride commUnity center,  via Skype, or by calling our free Conference Call line. 

We are always seeking great candidates to join our Board.  If you are interested, please contact us at for more information.

The following individuals currently serve on the Spencer Pride Inc. Board of Directors:

2019-2020 Spencer Pride Board of Directors


Director Title Current Term Start Date Current Term End Date In Service Since Contact Information
Balash, Jacob Ex Officio Director & Retail Manager 09-Jun-19 08-Jun-20 2017
Balash, Jonathan President, Director, & Festival Lead 09-Jun-19 08-Jun-21 2007
Brinson, Luke Director & Youth Lead 9-Jul-17 8-Jul-19 2017
Carroll, Emily Director, Festival Carnival Lead, & Instagram Coordinator 9-Sep-18 8-Sep-20 2018
Epp, Judith Treasurer, Director, & Center Lead 09-Jun-19 08-Jun-20 2007
Evans, Dana Beth Director & Volunteer Coordinator 8-Apr-18 7-Apr-20 2016
Fidler, Kim Director, Volunteer Development Coordinator, & Press Coordinator 09-Jun-19  08-Jun-21 2013
Hellman, Joy Director, Youth Empowerment Lead, & Instagram Coordinator (Youth) 5-Aug-18 4-Aug-20 2018
Hinkle, Rex Director & Outreach Coordinator 09-Jun-19 08-Jun-20 2016
Zuber, Katie Secretary, Director, & Facebook Coordinator 09-Jun-19  08-Jun-21 2015