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Spencer Pride


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Spencer Pride’s Board of Directors issued the following statement today:

Indiana’s State Enrolled Act 480, the law that stops minors from receiving gender-affirming healthcare, will go into effect. The US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed the injunction.

Doctors can no longer talk to clients under the age of 18 about gender-affirming healthcare, they can’t provide gender-affirming healthcare, and they can’t make referrals for minors to get the care out of state.

Spencer Pride continues to oppose this harmful law that prevents our transgender and gender non- conforming youth from being able to receive the care they need to live their best, authentic lives. Gender-affirming care administered by a medical professional is critically important for mental and physical health.

We are extremely disappointed by this decision and want Indiana’s youth to know that this does not reflect the beliefs of all Hoosiers. Regardless of this decision from the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, we want Indiana’s youth to know: YOU ARE LOVED.

Spencer Pride is one of many organizations throughout the state that support the rights of our transgender and gender non-conforming youth to receive the healthcare they need. We have been and will continue to advocate for this basic right and to oppose this and any harmful laws or legislation that serve to take away such rights.

Spencer Pride’s Director of Transgender Advocacy, Nathaniel Clawson, has been an outspoken advocate on this issue. To learn more about Clawson’s efforts and why this issue is of utmost importance to his family, refer to this Indy Star video.