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Spencer Pride

Spencer Pride Board of Directors Statement Regarding the 2016 Presidential Election: Our Work Continues

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With the results of 2016 election still reverberating through the nation, we understand the many concerns being voiced about the potential impact of the Trump-Pence administration on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer (LGBTQ+) community. Spencer Pride is committed to continuing our educational work & services in order to make our rural community & state a more welcoming place for all people.

election2016-356x233Our educational efforts are essential regardless of who would have won the election, although we do anticipate an increased need for our services as a result of the specific outcome this year.   The Trump-Pence ticket was very vocal in its plans to roll back the civil rights of LGBTQ+ people.  As Hoosiers, we certainly know how Mike Pence (our Governor & now VP-elect) wants to approach LGBTQ+ civil rights.  As governor of Indiana, he is probably most well-known for signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  RFRA allows for businesses to discriminate against gay & lesbian people.  Spencer Pride has been outspoken in our opposition of RFRA or in any legislation that takes away the freedom of our fellow Hoosiers.

Spencer Pride will continue to engage with our community & educate citizens about LGBTQ+ people & issues.  We know that through one-on-one discussions & broader educational activities, we improve the climate for LGBTQ+ individuals.  We have done this for the past 10 years with great success. CommUnity Center Logo JPG

In addition to educating others about the LGBTQ+ community, we also provide support services directly to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Individuals who need our assistance or support can contact us by visiting the Spencer Pride commUnity center (located at 46 E. Market Street in downtown Spencer, Indiana), calling 812-652-5000, or e-mailing us at  Our commUnity center is a certified Safe Place & an LGBTQ+ Safe Zone.  Our volunteers at the center are trained to assist individuals in need.

Finally, Spencer Pride is also working to bring greater protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer people by working to enact a local human rights ordinance (HRO). This ordinance is a key part of our 5 year strategic plan, & we will be increasing our focus on this initiative in the coming months & years.

Other information about our efforts to make Indiana a more welcoming place for ALL people can be found on our website at

We sincerely hope that President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence are able to evolve from their previous discriminatory positions about the LGBTQ+ community. We encourage their administration to continue ensuring that America is an inclusive & welcoming country.