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Spencer Pride

10th Anniversary Scholarship Winner Announced

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Spencer was notified that he won the 10th Anniversary Scholarship in February. Cathy Wyatt, president of WRV PFLAG, informed Spencer on behalf of both organizations.

We are thrilled to announce that the Spencer Pride & White River Valley PFLAG 10th Anniversary Scholarship Award winner is Spencer Biery!  The scholarship was intended to recognize a local high school senior who has worked to help forward the cause of equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, & intersex people.

Spencer has served as the President of Prism Youth Community-Bloomington for 2 years.  Spencer advocates for others within the LGBTQI community as well as educating professionals within the Monroe County schools, at community events, and among local queer youth.

In a wonderfully-written essay, Spencer described how fulfilling the work has been – especially as one of the team members of an educational team that spoke for professional development programs to MCCSC teachers, counselors, and administrators.

In his words: “The fact that my youth community members and I were able to create materials that told teachers exactly what we as queer students want and need from them to foster a safer and more learning-conducive environment is inspiring and also unbelievable.”

Spencer’s message and passion are clear, and this award has been most properly placed into the hands of someone that will carry the torch forward!


The scholarship award will be formally presented to Spencer at his school’s awards night towards the end of this school year.