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Spencer Pride

2015 Strategic Plan

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At our recent meeting on Septembe 7, the Spencer Pride Inc. members voted unanimously to approve the 2015 Strategic Plan as crafted by the Board of Directors.  Approval was also given for the 2015 Operating Budget, which aligns with the strategy.

This year’s plan consists of five key strategic goals that we feel will help us stay focused on the things that will keep the organization successful.  You’ll note that the goals are focused on a broad array of subjects, as is appropriate for a year-long plan.  The image on the left lists each goal.  Below, we’ve summarized some of the key elements of each goal as well.

1. Increase Revenue.  This goal is essentially made of three items: (1) Paying down our long-term debt in accordance with our plan to pay off all debt by the end of FY 2016, (2) Control expenses through improved expense management & transparency, & (3) Increase merchandise offerings at Spencer Pride, Inc. events in order to bring in more funds.
2. 10th Anniversary Development.  Although we are just in the early planning stage of our 2015 Festival, we cannot lose sight of the vision that we have for our 10th Anniversary event in 2016.  This goal is focused on the development of pre-festival community betterment events, establishment of funding for those events and the festival, and clarifying the vision for the festival itself.
3.  Improve Volunteer Recognition.  No not-for-profit group can ever be successful without recognizing the value of their most important resource: volunteers.  This goal will involve increasing recognition of our volunteers through new quarterly social activities (or other recognition activities) intended to reward our volunteers for their dedication & service to Spencer Pride, Inc.
4. Increase Attendee Engagement.  We want to greatly improve how much we involve the attendees at our festival.  For the 2015 event we want to see a significant increase and we plan to achieve this by focusing on rolling out many new activities at the event intended to get everyone involved.
5. Year-Round Marketing & Advertising.  We’ve never looked at our marketing as a 365 day activity, but we realize now that it must be.  We will greatly increase our marketing & advertising this year, with the intention to begin our next year with a plan already in place that ensures a year-round plan for educating people about Spencer Pride, Inc, its mission, and its work.
We hope that you find this information valuable.  Please let us know by dropping an e-mail to Spencer Pride, Inc. President Jonathan A. Balash at  Thanks!