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Spencer Pride

A Successful Conclusion to Spencer Pride’s Rainbow Roof Campaign

Today, Spencer Pride is excited to announce that we have successfully completed our “Rainbow Roof” Campaign.  Thanks to many individual contributors as well as a few grants, we were able to close this campaign after more than a year of fundraising efforts.

The goal of this campaign was to replace two large roof sections on the commUnity center which comprise the vast majority of the overall roof of our facility.  In total, there are three roof sections.  The smallest section was replaced in 2018. Once the two new roofs are installed, this will complete one of the more expensive rehabilitation projects at the commUnity center & our single largest one completed to-date.

The campaign goal was $25,000.  The total amount received was $25,096.69. 

In a letter penned to campaign donors, Spencer Pride’s director of Fundraising Judi Epp &  Grant Writer Leslie Nieves expressed their thanks & noted a turning point in the campaign:  “When we let people know how serious the roof leaks were getting and how much the situation was impacting our operations, a veritable rainbow of supporters responded, including you,” they stated.

“We are grateful for what you have done to relieve the commUnity center volunteers of the burden of dealing with flowing water over the past year.”

Grants for the roof were provided by SCI REMC, UDWI REMC, & the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Individual contributors included Rex Hinkle, Marlin Howard, Judi Epp & Lucie Mathieu, Kathy Sidelli, Thomas Coyne, Alvaro & Leslie Nieves, Cathy & Dan Wyatt, Janet Rummel, & many others.

The same roofer who did the earlier replacement will be doing the work on the balance of the roof once the weather is amenable this Spring.

We had hoped to gather our generous donor community to celebrate this success in person, but given the limitations on public gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that is unfortunately not possible at this time.

Once the commUnity center resumes normal operations, we invite everyone to come celebrate our new roof with us.  

In the meantime, if you are not on our newsletter mailing list and would like to be, let us know by sending a message to  We also encourage you to follow us on social media & to visit our website (www.SpencerPride.,org) often.