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Spencer Pride

Spencer Pride Documentary

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Did you know that the work of Spencer Pride is going to be featured in documentary?

Have you seen Mitch Teplitsky at many of our events?

Check out the small video preview of what has been circulated to investors.

Mitch continues to lead the charge of getting the fabulous work of Spencer Pride out to a wider community.

He has created a GoFundMe page to help get the remainder of the funds raised to bring the documentary to the small screen.

If you would like to support Mitch and his efforts, you can Click here to see more from Mitch and what he is trying to accomplish!

Note: We are excited to see this documentary come to life, knowing that it has the potential to bring much greater awareness to our work and to the work of LGBTQ+ organizations throughout rural America. If you feel inclined to support the documentary project (which is not a Spencer Pride-owned effort), note that 100% of your donation will go directly to the filmmaker and not Spencer Pride, Inc.