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Spencer Pride

Become a Spencer Pride Sustainer

On this first-ever Spencer Pride Spirit Day, you can make a HUGE impact to our organization by becoming a Spencer Pride Sustainer.  Spencer Pride Sustainers are individuals/couples/families who commit to a recurring monthly donation of any amount.  Whether it be $5, $50, or $150, all recurring monthly donations allow us to count on your regular financial support.   Doing this enables us to fund our regular monthly commUnity center expenses, allowing us to then focus additional money that we receive (grants, retail sales, & event income) directly towards our programming (Iris Youth Group, Spencer Pride commUnity center, Spencer Pride Festival, & community outreach).   Since that other money is less predictable, using it for monthly expenses puts programming funding at greater risk.

To become a Spencer Pride Sustainer, visit our donate page.    Becoming a Spencer Pride Sustainer takes just a few minutes & you won’t have to think about it again, but we will think about you often, & we will be grateful for your support of our rural LGBTQ+ pride organization.

Thank you.