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Spencer Pride

Free to Be ________

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We are proud to announce the official 2012 Spencer Pride Festival theme:
Free to Be ____.
This theme was selected by our membership on Sunday, February 19th during our monthly Spencer Pride meeting.  Over 15 theme suggestions were given to us in person, via e-mail, and on Facebook.  Every theme that was submitted was placed on a ballot.  The overwhelming winner of that vote was for Free to Be _______.  It’s a versatile theme that can be used to say so many things with pride. 


Free to BeLesbian
Free to BeRural? 
Free to BeSexy
All of the above!
This is a theme as versatile and practical as we were hoping for, and we think it’s going to make for GREAT t-shirts at the festival this year! 

Free to Be A Son?
Free to Be Flirty? 
Free to Be Out? 
Getting the idea?
Have any ideas for our advertising campaign?  Let us know by giving us feedback at