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Spencer Pride

HJR-3 Opposition Letter Sent to Indiana Senate

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Spencer Pride Inc. encourages everyone reach out to Indiana State Senators NOW to express their opposition to HJR-3. HJR-3 is the Marriage Discrimination Amendment that is expected to be voted upon in the Indiana Senate within the next week.

Our volunteers have been sending e-mails to senators around the state since Monday. Yesterday, we distributed a letter to all all state Senators on behalf of the entire Spencer Pride, Inc. board and volunteers. Below is the letter that we distributed.  The letter is also available as a PDF and can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.

Indiana State Senate

200 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2786

Dear Indiana Legislator,

I am writing on behalf of Spencer Pride Inc. to express our opposition to HJR-3.

Spencer Pride Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Spencer, Indiana that focuses on support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and its allies. In a small rural town of 2400 individuals, we have held a popular gay pride festival for the past 7 years.  For the three most recent years, our festival has had attendance greater than 1000 individuals.

The board of directors and volunteers of Spencer Pride, Inc. stand in strong opposition to the Marriage Discrimination Amendment, titled HJR-3 (formerly known as HJR-6). This amendment opposes marriage equality for Hoosiers and we believe this is contrary to the mission of Spencer Pride, Inc.  We oppose all versions of HJR-3 – the original as well as the ‘amended’ version from the House of Representatives that removed the second sentence.  All forms of HJR-3 are obstacles to equality.

The biological sex of two people should not be the determining factor in whether a relationship should be recognized by the government. For as long as the Indiana government is willing to recognize marriages between a man and a woman, they should also recognize those marriages between two men or two women.

Spencer Pride volunteers have been outspoken on this issue: writing and calling their legislators, attending Statehouse hearings, participating in rallies, submitting letters-to-the-editor, expressing themselves in public forums such as the recent legislative breakfast in our community, canvassing social media, and showing support for our many allies in this effort, most notably Freedom Indiana.

We shall continue our efforts to make known our opposition to HJR-3.  We will also continue to encourage others to do so.  It is important that Indiana not stain its reputation by passing such a discriminatory amendment.  It will be a mark upon our state if it successfully makes it into our constitution and a sad moment in history for all Hoosiers who support fairness and equal treatment of all people.

Your vote on HJR-3 will be a pivotal factor in whether or not your constituents will choose to continue supporting you come Election Day.

Please stand on the side of marriage equality, and on the right side of history.  We encourage you to be one of the Indiana Senators who will be remembered for their courage on this issue, not for their ignorance or prejudice against thousands of Hoosier families impacted by HJR-3.

Your “NO” vote on HJR-3 will demonstrate that you want to focus on ALL families.


Jonathan A. Balash

President – Spencer Pride, Inc.