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Spencer Pride

Legislative Breakfast on Saturday, April 18


On Saturday, April 18, Owen County will have its last legislative breakfast of the 2015 legislative session.  Although it was originally believed that the final breakfast would be in March, the Owen County Chamber of Commerce added an additional event in April due to the cancelation of the February date caused by winter weather.  This addition was much needed given the activities of the Indiana Legislature this year.

The breakfast will be held from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. at the Owen Valley Christian Fellowship – 338 State Highway 43 in Spencer.

These breakfasts are an important opportunity to speak to and hear from our local legislators.

We encourage you to attend the breakfast, especially in light of the discriminatory law entitled “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act” that was passed a few weeks back and then slightly modified in order to quell the tremendously negative response that it received from the public & from national business leaders.  The Spencer Pride Inc. board of directors released a statement about the law expressing our own disagreement and outrage over its passage.

It is anticipated that several volunteers will be attending the breakfast this week.  We know that at least some will be asking about the RFRA, especially given that when we asked last month we were told by the elected officials present how beneficial the law would be for Indiana.  That is in stark contrast to the estimated tens of millions of dollars the bill will have cost the state’s tourism industry and overall economy. Attempting to quantify the impact to Indiana’s reputation would be futile at this point, although most believe it will take many, many years to un-do the damage.
We hope that you will be able to attend to interact with your elected officials and to show support for Spencer Pride, Inc.
Donuts and drinks will be provided by this month’s sponsor.

To read the full statement released from Spencer Pride, Inc. regarding the RFRA, visit our prior web post.