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Spencer Pride

Let the Countdown Begin!

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In less than 6 months, we will be celebrating the 5th Annual Spencer Pride Festival!  We are all eagerly anticipating this year’s event and have been laying its foundation for the past several months.  As we have done in the past, we will be resuming our monthly meetings in January (we met only quarterly since the last festival, except for the Executive Board who has been meeting more often).  This month’s meeting will take place on Sunday, January 16th at the Spencer Presbyterian Church Cornerstone Hall.  The meeting will start at approximately 5:00 PM, immediately following the White River Valley PFLAG meeting taking place in the same location at 4:00 PM. 

This months’ agenda is packed and the membership will have many opportunities to help out as we hit 2011 off running.


Our Financial update provided by Jerry will include specific assignments of key budget responsibilities, in order to ensure appropriate expenditure of our authorized funds and keep communicate paramount.  David will be providing an update on the upcoming Condom Crawl (a partnership with Planned Parenthood of Indiana) and will be requesting volunteers for the event.  Jonathan will be giving a festival update and will be looking for volunteers to accompany him on one of the many upcoming bloomingOUT radio interviews. Jonathan will also be requesting volunteers to write articles for the Spencer Pride Quarterly that will be distributed in March.  He and Mai-Lin will team up to discuss their recent efforts to develop the Corporate Solicitation Strategy Jacob will be providing the much-anticipated Food, Beverage, and Entertainment Strategy


Besides all of these informative topics, we will also be folding and stuffing our solicitation packets that will be distributed following the meeting.  Members will also be asked to sign up for 5-10 businesses as the Spencer Pride follow-up contact.


If you have never attended a Spencer Pride meeting before but are interested in getting involved, it’s a great time to start!  Just come by Cornerstone Hall for our meeting.  If you need directions or want further information, please e-mail us at or call Jonathan at 812-821-3073. 


The entire schedule of Spencer Pride meetings (through this year’s festival) is available on our website.   Click on the ‘Events’ tab on the lefthand Navigation Pane.