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Meet Plume

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It is vital for every person to feel supported in their gender journey, no matter where they are. We know the importance of inclusive healthcare because we know it changes—and saves—trans lives. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that Plume will be available in four new states! 

Now, thousands of folks in Montana, Idaho, Indiana, and West Virginia will be able to access the support they need. Plume is opening new pathways for trans people to access the help they need from a care team that truly understands what they’re going through. They provide the essentials of trans-specific care, from gender-affirming hormone therapy to letters for name changes and surgery. 

We are excited to support Plume in helping change lives across the United States and helping thousands of trans people achieve their goals.  Everyone’s transition is different, but we all deserve access to expert, affirming, and trans-competent healthcare. If you’re new to Plume, learn more and sign up today: