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Spencer Pride

Our Treasurer, Nathaniel, reflects on what brought him to Spencer Pride

Nathaniel Clawson (he/him/his)
In 2016 Spencer Pride was the first pride festival I had ever attended. I had just started working for Boston Scientific and my youngest daughter had just transitioned. Boston Scientific’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group had a booth at the festival, and I worked the booth from 2016 to 2019. Over those 4 years the festival was so much fun. I also began to get more involved with my company’s employee resource group. I found that it was truly helpful in my ability to bring my whole self to work and talk about my daughter. Thinking about how I felt comfortable talking about my daughter, I realized how important an organization like Spencer Pride is to a rural community. LGBTQ+ folks exist everywhere even if it isn’t safe for them. With this in mind I thought I might be able to help Spencer Pride in some way.
I am an accountant and reached out to Jonathan and Judi to offer my help if they needed it. My intention was to advise and give help on financial projects. As many folks know, it is really hard to say no to Judi Epp. So rather than just advising, I ended up becoming the Treasurer. That was definitely more than I expected, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This organization has made me a better person. I have even taken the mission statement as my personal life goal. I want to make wherever I am a more welcoming place for ALL people.
Spencer Pride has also been supportive to my family as we have been pushing back as my daughter’s right to play sports with her friends was taken away. I look forward to my future with Spencer Pride and making Indiana a more welcoming place for ALL people.