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Spencer Pride

Report on Worldwide Pride Climate Just Released

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The 2012 PrideRadar has just been released by InterPride and we are pleased to be able to share it with you.  InterPride is the international association of pride organizers.  Spencer Pride Inc. has been a proud member of InterPride for the past three years.  The PrideRadar publication is a report from InterPride’s Human Right’s Committee that provides an overview of the pride atmosphere around the world, region by region.  

According to PrideRadar, “This year InterPride is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and to mark this occasion we have produced this inaugural PrideRadar. The intention of this publication is to collect all information about Pride events around the world and to monitor the “climate” in which they are taking place. Are they so-called Happy Prides or are they being held in hostile environments? We want to create awareness in the wider community about how large OUR community, OUR friends and OUR supporters are and how seriously OUR rights should be taken.”
Although the Spencer Pride Festival is an affirming and safe event, we do recognize the challenges of other Pride events throughout the world.  We are grateful that our membership in InterPride helps ensure a focus on human rights.    Again, according to PrideRadar, “InterPride raises attention and educates people about the existing difficulties around the world through our member Pride events. We encourage our members to include a Human Rights element in their Pride festivities expressly for the purpose of sharing the plight of others. We participate in Human Rights conferences and partner with other LGBTI organizations around the world to promote safety, equality and tolerance for all people everywhere.”
Spencer Pride Inc. is happy to share the first-ever PrideRadar with you.  It can be found below this web post as a separate attachment that you can download (it is available in .PDF format).  Please take some time to read it and then feel free to pass it on to your friends and family to help spread information about the current situation of pride events throughout the world.  
If you want to experience one of the “happy prides” referred to above, be sure you attend the 2012 Spencer Pride Festival on June 2 from 10 AM – 5 PM at the Owen County Courthouse in Spencer, Indiana.