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Spencer Pride

Spencer Pride Festival is All Fun & All-Weather

As a reminder, the Spencer Pride Festival is an all-weather event.  That means that come rain or snow, you can find a lot of fun right on the courthouse square at our festival.  Although some activities (such as inflatable games) are impacted by the weather, most are not.  Our marketplace and all-day entertainment are two of the biggest attractions for festival attendees and both are not impacted if it rains.  You may wish to bring an umbrella if it looks like it will get wet and you plan to be out at the festival all day.

That being said, the weather is currently forcasted to be approximately 82 degrees (feeling more like 86 degrees) with partly cloudy skies and a small chance of a small rain shower.

In the history of the Spencer Pride Festival, we’ve dealt with rainy weather on 3 occasions, all of which still turned out fabulous!  Come out and see us on Saturday, regardless of what the weathermen say!  We know not to trust them anyway!  😉