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Spencer Pride

The March towards Pride

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Less than 70 days are left before our fifth annual Spencer Pride Festival.  At our recent meeting on Sunday, March 20th, we continued developing plans to ensure our success at our 2011 event. This month’s agenda included the following items:

  Discussion of our participation in the upcoming Bloomington AIDS Walk – The Bloomington AIDS Walk is scheduled for Saturday, March 26 in Dunn Meadow on IU’s campus. We will need to staff a table for Spencer Pride from 10:30 am until 12:30 pm. Several individuals volunteered to participate.

  Update on our recent solicitations for sponsors, vendors, and donors.  We have had a very productive past month, and the momentum continues with new sign-ups.  We have already received more sponsorship commitments in March of this year than we had in June of last year. That being said, we also expect to continue our 80% participation growth and more sponsorships are still needed to ensure that we are able to offer the event that meets (or exceeds!) the expectations of our participants and festival-goers.

  A special member’s only announcement about a new contest to solicit new participants for the 2011 festival.  We have been able to firm up most businesses who have previously participated in a Spencer Pride Festival, but we are encouraging members to fan out and aggressively pursue organizations that have not yet participated as a vendor, sponsor, or donor in any prior SPF.  The contest seeks 50 new participants in just 50 days. It’s a lofty goal, but given the passion of our members it is achievable.  Incentives were offered to ensure contest participation. Weekly updates will be distributed to members.

  Discussion of a special logo for the 5th annual SPF.   The same graphic designer who produced the Spencer Pride and Hoosier Pride Network logos had submitted quotes for a slightly modified Spencer Pride logo that would reflect this year’s 5 year milestone. The members authorized the expense of the special logo. The cost of this update will be 100% offset through a donation from Jacob and Jonathan Balash.

  Announcement of the Standing with Planned Parenthood campaign. Spencer Pride member and Planned Parenthood of Indiana employee Mai-Lin outlined a campaign currently underway to show legislators the public support for Planned Parenthood.  Individuals who wanted to show their support stayed after the meeting to take photos with Mai-Lin. 

For more information about the 2011 Spencer Pride Festival and our ongoing planning, please check out the other articles on our site.