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Spencer Pride

What if it rains on the day of the Spencer Pride Festival?

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What if it  rains on the day of the Spencer Pride Festival?

·         No Problem!  Our small town LGBTQI Pride event won’t let a little rain stop us from having our big day of fun, food, & friends!  The Spencer Pride Festival is always rain-or-shine.  Did we mention it’s also free?  😉

·         Some of our activities are indoors. 

o   The free tours of the historic Tivoli theater are all inside the theater itself.  These tours, which happen every 30 minutes, would be a fabulous way to weather the rain.  The Tivoli is also playing its feature film, The Great Gatsby, at 2:00 PM. 

o   The Muffin Top restaurant, a vendor at the festival, will be open for business for festival-goers all day long.  Breakfast or lunch, rain or shine, the Muffin Top is located across the street from the festival.  It’s an excellent place to stay dry.

o   IU Health Bloomington Positive Link will be conducting free HIV testing all day.  This confidential testing takes place indoors in a private location.  To sign up for your free test, just drop by the IU Health Positive Link booth, located near the entertainment area under a water-proof canopy.

·         The rest of the festival may be outdoors, but that really doesn’t make any difference.

o   Our entertainers wouldn’t let the rain keep them away from performing at our event, so you should be there to watch!  Our entertainers will be protected from the weather by our new stage and an overhead canopy to protect them and their instruments.  They will continue to perform all day regardless of the weather.  If you plan to spend the day watching ourdiverse line-up of entertainment, please do!  Don’t let the weather scare you away.  As always, our entertainment is completely free!

o   Our large festival marketplace will be open for business regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for us.  Our vendors are all under canopies to protect them and their products from damage.  There are plenty of locations for people to huddle if they don’t have their own rain gear or umbrella.  For individuals who come prepared for the rain, the weather shouldn’t have any impact on your day.

o   The White River Valley PFLAG yard sale will take place under a large canopy that will protect its customers from the weather. 

o   Regardless of what falls from the sky, we will continue distributing free giveaways all day.  We will be giving out almost $3000 in prizes and raffles during the festival. 

So don’t be bullied by the weatherman or Mother Nature herself! 

Bring your umbrella, family, and friends with you to Spencer Pride and plan for a day of fabulous fun!  See you on Saturday!