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Spencer Pride

What Pride Means (to Me), by Rex

Rex Hinkle serves as the Outreach Director of Spencer Pride.

This post was written by Spencer Pride’s Outreach Director, Rex Hinkle.

I wanted to contribute to Spencer Pride Spirit Day & LGBTQ+ Pride Month by sharing about what Pride means (to me).

Pride is a very individual response/feeling that has different means for each of us — as different as all our diversity in our backgrounds.  Pride conjures positive thoughts and feelings.

I am proud to be a part of the Spencer Pride Board as one of our missions is to promote positive & safe spaces for people to be educated about LGBTQ+life & issues.

I am proud of the rather rural Spencer, Indiana, embracing diversity to the point of people moving to the Spencer area for the inclusiveness of the community and Spencer Pride.

For me, “Pride” means being fully present in affirmation of the individual I have become. 

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