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Spencer Pride

Why #ITDOV is Important to Me

Nathaniel Clawson (he/him/his)

I love the first transgender person I ever met, my daughter. 

My name is Nathaniel Clawson, and I am the Treasurer of Spencer Pride.  My daughter was telling us who she is before she had all the words.  She stole her older sister’s tutus and used to walk around with a towel on her head pretending she had long flowing hair.  As she gained vocabulary she told us that she was a girl and not a boy.  We weren’t sure how to handle this new information and began researching.

What we learned during our research

  • Transgender children have a suicide rate that is 5 times higher than cisgender kids. Cisgender kids are kids that identify with the sex they were assigned at birth.
  • Transgender kids with supportive families have 52% fewer suicidal thoughts.
The Spencer Pride commUnity center is lit up in the colors of the Trans Flag in celebration of the International Transgender Day of Visibility #ITDOV

Luckily as we started this research I joined Boston Scientific. Shortly after joining Boston Scientific there was an Employee Resource Group event that provided the information my wife and I needed to help our daughter transition.  At age 3, transitioning is simply buying clothes from a different section of Target and using the correct pronouns.

At the time people asked us “What if this is just a phase?”  My response at the time was “Everything in life is a phase, even the good stuff. Besides, If we listen to our daughter she will know she has a voice and parents that care.”  She is now 7 and has lived as her true self for over half her life.  We will continue to listen to her and learn from her as we go on this journey together.


Nathaniel Clawson

Treasurer – Spencer Pride

P.S.- I am a member of Spencer Pride because I want to make Indiana a better place for all people, especially my daughter.