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Spencer Pride

Your Spencer Pride Inc. Board of Directors

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Board Membership Complete! We are happy to announce that all open positions on the Spencer Pride Inc. Board have now been filled; we are now a board of six (6) directors.  Since our strategic decision last year to expand the board from 3 officer/directors to a larger body of 6, we have been on the hunt to add members with the skill sets we felt would add the most value to the new board.

We were very fortunate that when we needed a new Treasurer, Pat Sprinkle was available. Pat came to us with an MBA in finance from Indiana Wesleyan University and a wealth of financial experience. Pat is currently the Bedford Branch Manager of Cummins Credit Union and lives in Owen County with her 2 sons. 

Kim Fidler was our next selection for the board. When we were looking for someone with organizational and management skills, we soon found Kim was the one for us. Kim has a Master’s Degree from Indiana State University. She was a teacher for many years and is currently a representative for the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA). Kim is involved in several organizations in addition to Spencer Pride. Kim lives in Greencastle with her 2 children. 
Our final selection for our board was Eric Jones, a student at the IU School of Law.  Eric has a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University.  The goal for this position was to expand our geographic reach and therefore our outreach possibilities.  We were also wanting someone who could provide access to legal guidance.  Eric satisfies those goals.  Eric, his wife Larissa, and their son Levi live in Bloomington.

The entire Spencer Pride Inc. board consists of the aforementioned individuals, plus Jonathan Balash, Judith Epp, & Cathy Wyatt.

Some fast facts regarding our Board of Directors:2/3 of our Directors are women

2/3 of our Directors are heterosexual

2/3 of our Directors are 35 years of age or older

For additional information about our Board of Directors, including term information and e-mail addresses, please click here.